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March 16, 2017

Europe’s governments signal relief after Dutch election defeats far right

Geert Wilders loss in Netherlands hailed by leaders as key moment for tolerant societies and serious politics on continent

European governments facing a rising tide of populism heaved a collective sigh of relief after the Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte, swept aside the challenge of the anti-Islam, anti-EU, populist. Geert Wilders, in the parliamentary elections.

Angela Merkel was among many EU leaders to congratulate voters on what she called “a good day for democracy”. The German chancellor said she was “very glad”, as she thought many people were, “that a high turnout led to a very pro-European result”.

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November 22, 2016

Trump disavows the white nationalist ‘alt-right’ but defends Steve Bannon hire

Speaking with New York Times journalists the president-elect said he wouldn’t have hired Bannon if he thought he was racist or part of ‘alt-right’ movement

President-elect Donald Trump has disavowed the white nationalist movement which dubs itself the “alt-right” and which rallied around his candidacy, but vigorously defended his former campaign chairman and newly appointed White House chief strategist, Stephen Bannon, a man accused of fanning the flames of white supremacy.

“I don’t want to energize the group, and I disavow the group,” Trump said at a meeting with a group [...]

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December 7, 2015

Front National wins opening round in France’s regional elections

Marine Le Pen’s party capitalises on Paris attacks to win 27-30% of national vote, the highest the party has ever scored in a local election

The far-right Front National has made a significant breakthrough in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks, winning the opening round of regional elections and coming top in half of France’s regions.

The spectacular showing is the highest ever performance for the anti-immigration, anti-European party and, if it maintains the strong lead in in next week’s [...]

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November 24, 2015

Swedish asylum policy fuels support for far-right nationalist party

The Sweden Democrats’ anti-migrant stance is proving popular among those who oppose the entry of 190,000 refugees into the country this year

Growing frustration in Sweden with an asylum policy that will allow up to 190,000 refugees into the country this year is driving Europe’s self-declared “humanitarian superpower” into the arms of radical nationalism.

The Sweden Democrats (SD), a nationalist party that emerged from the neo-Nazi movement and has been shunned by Sweden’s mainstream parties because of its far-right immigration policies, is now the country’s third-largest party with 49 representatives in parliament.

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