Secure OS – Tails Guide

1. Download, verify and install

Tails is Free Software, you can download it, use it and share it without restriction.

Click here to download it normally through your browser  -or-

Click here to download a torrent (if you are familiar with downloading from a torrent service which downloads much faster).

2. Now you need to check and make sure the download was good and not corrupted



How to check for checksum

Windows:  This utility is free and straight forward you open the location of the iso you downloaded and click to check it.

Apple OS: This free utility does a check sum

You can cut and paste the SHA256 Checksum above into the program and press verify. If it verifies you can continue to the next step.

3. IF your not paranoid, you can skip this check: But a warning, it is a little bit techy.

4. Install to USB stick 4GB or 8Gb

This guide is fairly simple

5. Starting Tails  click this guide

6. Using the interface (we recommend the Windows clone)

7. Navigating in Tails  a guide

If you are not familiar with Linux  most distributions have a menu somewhat like the mac or windows.  It is pretty straight forward there the apps are categorized for example Internet, you see the tor browser.  You also have secure Pidgin chat.  For mail you will use Claws Mail  or you can install Thunderbird if you installed tails on a 8GB USB.