Secure Email Encryption

There is a couple of ways to do this, I think this is the easiest email if you think this is to hard, it’s more difficult to setup secure chat but that will be next. Once you do this it’s really easy. The great thing of using thunderbird it will help you send encryped and decrypt messages easy, if you use thebrowser based email program it is more complex.

Basically you need to install Thunderbird on your Mac or PC or Tails

Consider using Tails instead. If you are worried about your safety because of the information you’re considering leaking, it might be prudent to take higher security precautions than just using Tor Browser. If someone has hacked into your computer, for example, they’ll be able to spy on everything you do even if you’re using Tor. Tails is a separate operating system that you can install on a USB stick and boot your computer to. Tails is engineered to make it hard for you to mess up:

  • Tails leaves no traces that it was ever run on your computer
  • It’s non-persistent, which means that if you got hacked last time you were using Tails, the malware should be gone the next time you boot up
  • All Internet traffic automatically goes through Tor, so it’s much harder to accidentally de-anonymize yourself
  • It has everything that you need to contact us through SecureDrop built-in, as well as other popular encryption tools
  • It’s the operating system that Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, used to keep the NSA journalism safe from spies

It sounds complicated, and it is. But if you’re risking a lot, it’s probably worth the effort. You can find instructions for downloading and installing Tails here. We also created a guide click here

Then you need to set up thunderbird to read your email from gmail, or whatever email service you use. Set up a new account that is not linked to your name or anything personal. Gmail is the easiest to set up, 
Thunderbird will automatically do it.  if it doesn't work here is some guides that says it

Then the guide says to install GPG and Enigmail  to thunderbird

There are versions of PGP for Windows and Mac  which ever computer you use.  Can't do this from a phone , well you can but it is more difficult.

Just follow those instructions

There is an error in the instructions 
It says to select OpenPGP  they mean to select  Enigmail  from Thunderbird and to get that, I had to right mouse click on the top of Thunderbird and select Menu Bar then you see it after you have installed it and restarted thunderbird.

Your going to need a strong password  , and this site generates a secure one  We recommend several passwords that you can memorize.  The first should be for your anonymous gmail email account. The second for your encryption key.  Store them in a text file on a secure usbdrive. 

After you get this done, you need to send the person you want to email a public key.  

You will need to create one first.   In Thunderbird select Enigmail, then select Key Management.  Then click on Generate  then New Key Pair.  Select the email account that you want to create a key for. 
add that secure password. Set the expiration, 5 or 10 years is good. Click Generate key. It will ask you if you want to save a certificate, and select yes, save it to a secure USB drive. 

So you compose a message to irLeaks, and at the top of the email in the composition
of Thunderbird, you see "Attach my public key" this is also in the instructions, but make sure you don't send the email with encryption.

Once we get that key, then you can send me a message , encrypted and we can decode it, because I have your public key.  We will also send our public key or you can download it and upload it to Enigmail Key Management from our About Contact Page.

If you read those instructions a couple of times it works easy.

Here is a nice guide also for PGP emails