Notice of Domain Change  for websitse and emails  – from .org to .com  (…

On Aug 3 2016 our sites will be migrated to [      ]

please updated your web bookmarks and email address book.

(For PC users, press the Control (Ctrl) and “D” keys on your keyboard to bookmark this site. For Mac users, press the Command (Apple) and “D” keys on your keyboard.)

You have been automatically redirected.

Content will no longer be updated on this old domain or subdomain, for updated content please go to the new domain.

We are advising you so that you are aware of the official  trusted service change.

Our server is much more powerful and more secure, and it makes more sense to combine everything in one network .


Sending email to an address @ this site ? We will still receive it at the old email address until Aug 3rd

However it is better to use the new email address.


For your convenience, Emails & subdomains use the same prefix i.e.  –> –>


Notice the only difference is the suffix / domain name


Email public encryption keys will also change at this time,

public keys will be available on our about & contacts page. and it’s subdomains and emails will be unreachable after Aug 3, 2016.

Thank you for your attention to this matter

-the first source media team