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The First Source is a new media company, offering secure hosting platforms for other news media through powerful encryption.

First Source News is a publication of First Source Media. Launched in 2010 by and Associated Press journalist and innovator. First Source Media is a multi-platform media company devoted to supporting independent voices, from fearless investigative journalism and documentary photography and film to arts, culture, media and entertainment. First Source Media produces and distributes content in a wide range of forms including feature photography, films, short-form video, podcasts, interactive media and long-form journalism, for its own digital properties and with partners.

This Site (News.TheFirstsource.Org) is a beta testing news platform aimed at providing original news and aggregated news from other news networks.

We will continue to provide daily and weekly fresh categorical news topics.

Our plan is to have live broadcasting to the world by January 2016.

If you would like to contribute articles to our network, please contact our news desk:  secure [@] thefirstsourcemedia.com

Public Key Fingerprint:  9884 AFD6 7F16 7F49 250C BB1D 4024 ADB0 EC09 2275

Alternate contact  us at secure@news.thefirstsourcemedia.com

Public Key Fingerprint:

B447 CCA1 6C58 42D0 ACE0 108F 786B 1190 46D0 3D46

secure.drop public key

If you are sending your Contribution by email, insert your CRN in the subject header of your email along with your name and send it to the appropriate news section (i.e. World, Business)

You should paste your Contribution into the body of the email rather than sending it as an attachment.

With our SecureDrop email service, you can share messages and files with our journalists in a way that should help you remain secure and anonymous. Messages and files that you send to us will be encrypted. Because the secureDrop file sharing program requires tor (which was cracked by the NSA) we are using SecureDrop Email. For more detailed operational security advice, read How to Use our Secure Email Program.

Please see our terms and conditions for more information on open license terms.