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How twisted quotes in the media have effected the view of Donald Trump’s political agenda

How twisted quotes in the media have effected the view of Donald Trump’s political agenda

by the First Source News MediaMarch 13, 2016

Twisted-quotes from the media, have created chaos in the 2016 Presidential elections.  It’s big money for these networks to stay in the headlines, and popularity for the journalists who are reporting the outright lies of several Presidential candidates, including Donald Trump.

You either like or dislike Donald Trump for what he stands for and the pendulum swings extremely right or extremely left.  Why is a largely educated America so extreme in what they argue about and what they believe about Trump? You either believe he wants to send all immigrants back home, and not allow any new ones in.  There are many that believe it is okay for millions of illegal immigrants to continue to flow into the United States.  There are some that believe he is racist for suggesting more controls. You have some that believe these things, because they are inspired by money, gain, or political reasons.

It all has to do with twisted quotes from the media, so much so, not only have they taken things out of context, they actual imply totally false agendas, meanings, and intentions of the billionaire business man.

In court, depending on whether you are the prosecution or the defense, you have to present the truth.  An honorable judge is not going to let a mis-quoted, or twisted statement stay on record.  However prosecutors and attorneys both know how to use twisted statements to their advantage. This is called “in-justice,” not “justice” and those professionals who do such things, should be dis-barred.  They are not, just as these journalists who have done the same thing, are not, except in the case of Brian Williams, only because someone pressed the issues, and the issues went viral in the media.  NBC was forced to do something about it.

In today’s politics, we have more than “he said, she said.”  We have actual videos and audio transcripts available to us.  That is what we have used to write this article.

We previously reported on how the media twisted Trumps comments to Megyn Kelly.  This is preposterous that what Trump said was taken out of context and how the media immediately said he was “implying” to female parts.   They are still getting away with it today.  Anyone who has taken a stand, or participated in a live debate, or an attorney fighting for a cause knows the kind of pressure that is on them, at that heated moment of speaking.  They also understand what it feels like to be mis-quoted, their words twisted or attacked with false allegations. They rise to their defense as best they can, but the damage is already done. People go on believing what they want to, even if it is far from the truth.

It wasn’t those comments about Megyn Kelly that initially sparked outrage, it was twisted media’s reporting of Trumps announcement that he was running for President.

It is there that we find several mis-quotes, twisted quotes, and false reporting and the biggest was about immigration. America is great because it was founded by immigrants coming to America.  Times have changed and for many years America has had laws on legal immigration. The problem is these controls need reform.  We reported and you can watch the entire speech here.   Trump said he was “going to build a wall” and also that “some of them” … “are rapists, drug dealers, criminals and some are nice people…”

The media jumped on it, stating Trump was saying that he was not going to let any more immigrants in, and that he was sending all the illegals back home, and that all of them are rapists, drug dealers and criminals.  They exclude “some of them are nice people.”  Today people believe that is what he is going to do, and that is what he said.  They will fight for it, and argue about it, they, including the Mexican President, denounce Trump make protests because of it.    The media is to blame for the violent protests at the Trump rallies.  If they would report the truth,  people would not be so outraged.

This is a big problem in America.  Not only the media, but the people, who will fight or even kill for something that is entirely untrue. This is Donald Trumps true facts about immigration.   When you read this, people still argue it should be okay for illegal immigrants to come to America.  Any other country would disagree.  All countries have laws about immigration,  illegals if caught are dealt with.  Mr. Trump does not say he is closing the borders to all immigrants, it is about control.  It is about coming to America legally.

Some will argue that Trump wants to ban all Muslims from America, but the truth is he wants to impose more controls and monitoring of them.  It is not about a religious racism, it is about according to Trump where many terrorist cells are coming from.  If you were leading this nation, and didn’t address this problem of terrorism, whether they were coming from Canadians, Brazilians, or what ever country or religious group, you would fail in your duty to help protect America.

There are hundreds of other mis-quotes, twisted quotes and false reporting’s of what Trump actually has said.  Just as there are about Clinton or other Presidential candidates.  It is interesting that many of those who do not support Trump,  support Hillary a candidate that has proven her bad ethics, choices,  willing to store classified information on her own computer, and many horrible integrity values.

When you go to the polls this year,  think about these things, and get the facts, the truth.   Know your candidate, get the truth. Many times the truth is not found on CNN, FOX News, Washington Post.  It is found in actual documents, evidences, recordings.

Vote honestly and responsibility.

If you still choose to believe in the twisted lies from the media, it does not give you a right to protest violently, or try to take over a rally.  We all have rights to protest peacefully.


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