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Can whistleblowers find help, anonymity without “a public story” as some media sites claim?

Can whistleblowers find help, anonymity without “a public story” as some media sites claim?

Do leakers really have a chance of as some media sites claim, or is it about the story ? Can whistleblowers find , anonymity without “a public story” as some media sites claim?

A source that is not exposed like Snowden has been leaking information for years. When the source received some sensitive data, and threats came to the source’s life. The source fled in hiding.

Disclaimer: We are not trying to hurt the Spiegel magazine news , the Intercept , the Guardian, or the journalists or organizations they contacted. Our intentions are to show the world, that help for leakers is virtually none.  Also, it may give a list of places for future whistleblowers to try again and keep on trying.

Searching for four years help from the several media networks, nothing came. The promises to help leakers was void, except for a few organizations and individuals who tried to frame the source into going public for a story, for publicity for the network or media firm making some money or the journalist making some fame.

The search for the source to get help is still current as of this writing, only a possibility exists for help.  It’s really hard to believe that some journalists would threaten the leaker, as to exposing a story such as this.

We want to document the story because it is crutial to the survival of other potential leakers. When a leaker cannot trust the media or other agencies for help, then many leakers are at risk of remaining hidden or under threat of not ever exposing, espionage, corruption, and legal violations.

The only way for this to be addressed is to call the people out, call the media out and hope for change. We think leakers like Snowden would agree. If Snowden had an alternative to leaking information, without exposing himself, I am sure he would of taken the opportunity hand up, and the government would not know where he was.   Although some leakers chose to go public, because they think this is their only protection.

In the beginning the leaker did not know who to contact so they contacted [email protected] (the Ecuador Embassy in London) back in 2011, and to this day, with several emails sent to multiple contacts at the embassy, there is no response. This is the embassy that houses WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

At the same time, the leaker then reached out to Mr. A [email protected], the WikiLeaks official email for contact, and tried to reach Mr. Assange for help.  Still through numerous contacts,  Mr. Assange, nor anyone affiliated with him has offered help.  At one point in 2015  the leaker was able to do a secure chat, and has the transcripts, although it was encrypted he did screen prints.  The chat answered but never replied.

After Edward Snowden came on the scene, there were multiple agencies including “The Intercept” which promises to protect sources “leakers” and help them.

About Contacts – The Intercept

The Intercept claims to have multiple ways to protect a source, and help for them. So then the infamous Glen Greenwald, the journalist that helped spy leaker of the NSA, Edward Snowden was contacted.  No response, no reply.  Later an organization trying to help the leaker, published part of the leakers private story to Mr. Greenwald, and there was no response.  Mr. Greenwald must of been too busy and to this day, numerous attempts were made, and this organization he founded did not help.

What was the leaker to do?  So the biggest journalist that helped cover Snowden is either too busy to answer from another “Citizen” or does not care, unless he can make some fame and publicity ?  Is that what it is about?

The leaker and the organization helping him, also in 2014 started to try and contract Snowden’s attorneys [email protected], [email protected] (Woflgang Kaleck)  and [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]  At this point they all thought it was a numbers game, the more emails sent out, the more contacts initiated, maybe someone would offer help.

Finally it was Betsy Reed at the Intercept that asked her colleague, ML, to help.    The organization sent also a letter to ML, and shared a little of the story. How the leaker was attacked by some Government thugs, escaped and fled for life.   The encrypted emails and chats, included information, about the leaker being alone, no one to help, and other problems.  Asked to be pointed in the right direction.  It also included information about who the leaker we will call “Citizen X” was running short on cash, and had who they have contacted.


ML Responded with this

I can't help you get in touch with Wikileak's or Snowden's lawyers.
You'll just have to try contacting them through normal means (which it
looks like you have) and hope they respond. Although they might not be
the best lawyers to use anyway. It might be better to find a local
lawyer that you can meet with in person and give whatever evidence you
have to, and discuss options.
It all depends on what you're trying to do. Lawyers can help you sue
people, or help defend you against lawsuits or criminal charges. But it
doesn't seem clear that any of this is what you want. They can also help
you try to get asylum, but you'd have to talk to a lawyer about this
because I know very little about it.

In order to get asylum you'd need stronger evidence of persecution than
anecdotes. Do you have anything like that? Asylum is generally only
awarded if it's not safe for you in your home country, normally because
your home country is persecuting you. If you don't know for sure who is
harassing you, then asylum probably won't work.

I don't know of any lawyers to recommend either unfortunately,
but I do think a good lawyer would know more about all of your options
than I do.
Well unfortunately I don't think there's anything I can do. We don't
have any special resources or anything at The Intercept.

I have not had contact with Glen's or Laura's attorneys, so I don't 
know how to contact them.

And so the organization asked could ML look for more information and get back, but unfortunately that was then of the straw.

It was then that the organization trying to help CitizenX, reached out to journalists and other media.

Der Spiegel  one of Germany’s popular news sources who did a lot with Snowden stories, commented (translated)

Thank you for your story,  I have forwarded it to editors for a story, if there is a possibility, one will contact you.

While they waited, they recontacted all of the other sources mentioned, including ML and, this is the response from the intercept.

Well unfortunately I don't think there's anything I can do. We don't have any special resources or anything at The Intercept.

Finally in August of 2015 they thought they had some help,  although we don’t want to publish the email address, the name was J Pilger who was thought to be able to help.  At this point people were trying to refer other people, because no one had a contact or a organization that could help.

All of Snowden’s attorneys that helped in Russia and Germany, would not reply to emails or correspondence.  Trying to email Snowden, is virtually impossible.  When there was an announced Snowden broadcast, they would contact the broadcasting organization to try and reach out to Snowden, and would get ” we don’t have any contact information for him, and cannot help.”

After Mr. Pilger could not help, they came across Gavin MacFadyen, another source for helping leakers.  Then meanwhile contacted Rev. Jackson.

A secure chat with Mr. MacFadyen was initiated and talk started, but also GM, did not have any resources.  Suggested Sarah Harrison, Wiki Leaks attorney who helped Snowden.  The organization was trying also to contact her, but all attempts to locate any contact information failed.

GM suggested that The Guardian could help in contacting Sarah Harrison, so multiple emails were sent to the Guardian, with no replies.

It was then suggested by someone else, in the field, to try Sara Corbett an ALCU attorney, and in September 2015 she was emailed, but no response was ever received.

Finally it was Parkcity that was hosting Edward Snowden, but of course they would not happen to have any contact information, or a way to get a message to him.

Park city suggested Intelexit, a organization that might be able to help.   It was then that Intelexit, suggest someone at the Spiegel magazine.

After some talk with the journalist, he wanted to arrange a meeting,  finally success, but the option was, to make a story, not to help protect the leaker.

 > Well, we do have some experience with leaks and leakers.
>> > We can't guarantee anonymity and provide you with legal advice.
>> > But if we don't know what it is about it's a bit tricky for us to act without a story.
>> > The safest way to communicate would be meeting personally anyway...
>> > Your best option is to go public

The organization emailed Mr. …. back and told them stories of all these people claiming to help leakers, and without a story it was not possible, maybe the organization should sent a story to the press about this.

To [email protected] from CitizenX : 
Thanks for you help, getting in touch with Sarah Harrison or Snowden's attorney is very important to help.  My network of Media sources is doing a story on media sources like yours, that claim to want to help, but in reality only want a story that will make headlines and increase viewers.  Not really to help leakers, people who want to leave intelligence communities, or people who are caught reporting the leaks.  It will be interesting how you respond.

The last email received from Spiegel’s journalist was

> Sorry, we're extremly busy right now because of Paris.
> But if I read your last mail correctly, it seems that you want to threaten us. Not a wise move...

CitizenX responded:
haha you read me wrong, I told you that I would report the truth, always have, and if people in the media want to make money by exposing leakers to the world, then that will be a story.  This is no threat.  I was just telling you that is what I would do.  Since you consider it a threat, that makes me more concerned for my safety... My resources are powerful as far as publication... but my legal help that I asking for is silent.  I could show you ... emails that go unanswerd, or "if you want to go public for a story", with peoples names attached to them, that work for themedia.  I was referring more to the Intercept, .. who promises help.. but offers no help.. Paris is a great tradgedy, I wish you safety.

It seemed that all Der Spiegel wanted was a story, or the journalist some fame,  they continued until the last email to Mr. Journalist was sent and not replied in February 2016.  From the guess of his reply, that meant if the leaker published the story about him, he would do something about it.   The organization helping CitizenX did not contact the Spiegel magazine about their journalists emails.


Also JRADACK an advocate was contacted in October of 2015, with no replies to multiple emails.

So the organization continues to this day, re-emailing the the people contacted above and more with no response, or help from anyone.

Kudos to Edward Snowden, who had already covered his tracks and thought through the process.   He was lucky in the fact he wanted to go public and face consequences.  But the fact remains, many whistleblowers want anonymity.

There is one person who helped Snowden who as said this, but we wish to keep this person anonymous at this time.

Yes, I did think he was real from the beginning.  I believed him before I saw documents. 
Who are you and why are you asking?

There is some hope, but this person also is very busy. This may be the case, that there are so few resources for whistleblowers that the people trying to help are overwhelmed.

Possibly by making this an open letter to the public world,  help will come to the next generation of CitizenXs.  THe EU has ruled that whistleblowers have protection here.


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