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Why Hillary’s “It takes a village” Marxism will destroy the United States

Why Hillary’s “It takes a village” Marxism will destroy the United States

In ‘s agenda and book  “It takes a village,”     presents her vision for the children of America. She focuses on the impact individuals and groups outside the family have, for better or worse, on a child’s well-being, and advocates a society which meets all of a child’s needs.

The many problems with this kind of culture, government and society are clearly seen evident today in the Clinton’s politics and life.

A consists a a small group of people, and being such a small community, it is rather difficult to hide secrets.  People who have them, live their lives in secret the best they can, cover up and hide, and sometimes  murder to protect these secrets.

Learning from other cultures, we see that for example a person who realizes they are lesbian, bisexual or gay.  In a village they live in secret, they have to go outside the village, to a larger community to explore their sexuality.  It is rather difficult for them to live their true self , and even as free as the United States is,  you see problems still today, like with Caitlyn Jenner.   Imagine living her whole life in a village, it can be traumatic.

We see in Hillary’s own mental state this kind of secretive, denial covering up with her emails, Benghazi, and Bill and Hillary’s other cover-ups, the White House Scandel, Whitewater, and many more as IrLeaks exposed “Clinton’s little black book”  leak.    Because the Clintons live in a village mentality, but their lives are very public, they have to cover, lie, cheat, steal, and some suggest they have murdered and using thugs to silence many people to keep these secrets hidden, or the truth of the stories, hidden.   They live their own lives in a lie, and have to use slick words to convince people otherwise.

Had the Clinton’s not have this “village” mentality, their lives would be different.  I am sure that political pressures has also created some of the unethical behaviors.  People will argue, who in this world lives their lives transparent, and honest these days.  There are many examples of people.

I can’t imagine, America under the leadership of Hillary that brings on more of this behavior.  Here’s what our America and Government will look like. Although many of these things exist today, they will multiplied  and destroy our country.

  1. There will be an argument for everything they have done wrong, justification, rationalization, common criminal thinking errors.
  2. More secrets will be hidden, including abusive use of power, abusive use of privacy and spying, abusive use of policy.
  3. Americans will learn that, it is normal to have secrets, and therefore this will not only create more criminal mentalities, and crime, it will create more superficial lifestyles.
  4. People will deny wrong doing
  5. Families will be divided
  6. People won’t have very many true friends, only ones of the same kind will flock together.
  7. Corruption will be at its utmost highest level.
  8. Crime will multiply 90% or more.
  9. Jails, prisons, community release centers, will increase and people with any kind of criminal history will have trouble finding work.
  10. That will help Hillary to enforce , Obama‘s military policed society.
  11. A society where people who stand up for their rights, have demonstrations will be arrested, killed, harassed.
  12. Government will move from Socialism to Marxism  and quickly move toward a more dictatorship style government, as foreshadowed in Obama’s administration
  13. These problems will create an economic disaster
  14. Taxes will rise but federal, state and income (but not for the rich)
  15. More housing will be foreclosed on,
  16. More people will be out of work,
  17. More people will be out of education,
  18. People will be out housing
  19. The hunger and starvation will increase by 70%.
  20. The Government debt will be multiplied ten (10) times more than all presidential history combined.
  21. America will continue to sell it’s hotels, gas stations, mini marts, bank notes to China and Japan and other rich investors.
  22. At anytime the Asian, wealthy owners of these properties and land could take over entire suburbs, although much of that is starting to happen today because of Obama  (i.e. Lake Tahoe…).
  23. Debt will rise and Credit ratings fall.
  24. Automobile manufactures will ask for bailouts and since it’s a village other corporations will line up in the begging line.
  25. Education costs will sky rocket
  26. Teachers pay will be lowered
  27. Education levels will lower because teachers won’t want to teach with this low pay level
  28. School scholastic , music, and  athletic programs  will be cut more and more
  29. Drugs and drug use and dependency will rise, some as a way to sell and make money, others because they can’t cope under so much stress
  30. Elected government leaders will continue to be controlled by payoffs, and continue to steal inheritances, and other monies from the citizens.
  31. Illegal immigration will continue to thrive, but not only from Mexico, they will come by ship, boats, and other secretive means.
  32. Children who can’t live under secrecy will runaway, and the population of runaway teens will dramatically increase
  33. America will continue to become more of a third world country, a country dependent for survival from other countries.
  34. Oil, gas and energy prices will rise because foreign countries control the figures.
  35. Food prices will rise, due to the economy and higher costs associated with it.
  36. American who are fed up , will denounce their citizenship and immigrate to other countries.
  37. One of the good things that may happen, to survive, some people and families will try to become closer and provide help each other
  38. The villages will be under more control from the Government and Governmental agencies.
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