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Jeb Bush failure to the Florida Economy – the covered up truth.

Jeb Bush failure to the Florida Economy – the covered up truth.

by the First Source News MediaFebruary 10, 2016

Claims he is a leader, but he failed as Governor and people are afraid to speak about it.
Florida hit by the economic crisis, is the worst example, bigger than the Bankruptcy of Detroit!

He has paid off Google and Media to hide the images but any real estate or mortgage broker what happened.

When you visited Florida in 1990’s  it was a vibrant state, full of commerce and retail
and progress.  It was one of the fastest growing real estate markets in the country. But then  Bush took over in 1999-2007.

But you visit Florida today and neighborhoods and subburbs are gone to waste, worse than
the city of Detroit.  Not just one city, but in all the cities.  Orlando, Tampa, Miami, you
name it, it is a picture book of destruction.

And today, Florida is still not pulled out.  Fly over the cities and look at the subburb ghosttowns.

Of course in a Presidential race, one where Bush is leading at the bottom of the polls, why even
bring this up?

Because he claims he wants to help America, but if he brings to America what he has brought to Florida, then it means more destruction to a once great country.

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