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#mizzou This should of never happened

#mizzou This should of never happened

by the First Source News MediaNovember 9, 2015

What caused such an uproar on a Small Town, big campus, University of Missouri, Columbia , should of never happened.

From the a swastika drawn in feces was found recently in a dormitory bathroom. From the Student Jonathan Butler, who would not listen, but argued.  From the Mizzou Football coach, Coach Gary Pinkel that supported the protest. From the President Timothy M. Wolfe who resigned.

None of this should of ever happened.

Black student groups had been calling for leadership changes at the university, saying it had done a poor job of responding to complaints about racial issues, including that minority students had been subjected to slurs.

This is not a black thing, nor a white thing, nor a hispanic thing, this is a human equality issue.  As the President, Wolfe, said “nothing can be done, when people want to come to a meeting, and want to argue and shout at each other.”

It is a disgrace a handful of people caused a leader to resign, and doubtfully, his action will change anything.   Action starts when people communicate with each other, and then work together for common cause.

But our Nation is wounded, and when someone touches a wounded person, whether that be red, black, yellow, brown, or white, wounded people, hurt other people.

So the cause of Jonathan Butler who has wounds from his past clearly,  and wounds from a community not so far away, Ferguson Missouri, fester more irritations to the wound.

To heal a wound, you must diagnose, and properly treat it, for it to heal.  However from the beginning, of this one sided individuals, formed groups to radicalize their efforts.  If you have a wound and come to a hospital and insist to the doctor your way of treating the wound, and the staff joins in and argues, in life and death situations, the person would die.

This is not how you solve problems, and for Jonathan Butler, his future will be inflicted by his decisions.  No company will trust him to succeed, without concern for one-sided, self  idolized, self centered ambitions.  Johnathan Butler has done the same thing Hitler has done, and learned in the end defeat.

For a staff member of the University to support a graduate and a groups supporting this individual is wrong. The issue was what happened at the University.

This would will never be able to police every nook and cranny or every word that comes out of someones mouth that is racist.

Unless you want a policed, controlled society that violates every fiber of your privacy.  Sure the President of Mizzou could of asked the NSA to tap every cell phone, every computer, ease drop on every person, monitor every camera, and set up more, monitor every social network that is accessed by current and former students and faculty from the University.

Then could have the FBI and other governmental entities nearby to try and enforce and stop things from happening, but how much would this solve?

Then you would have the privacy groups and people calling on the resignation of the President and who would win


So the fact remains, what the President said in his resignation speech is clear, that protests won’t solve everything.  “Change comes from listening, learning, caring conversation”  Not radical groups who rise up try to change a white man in power, because they don’t want to sit and listen, learn, care or converse.

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