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Citizen X – Spy leakers protection is there any? A real life spy leaker’s true story Part 1

Citizen X – Spy leakers protection is there any? A real life spy leaker’s true story Part 1

by the First Source News MediaSeptember 10, 2015

The story of a , X who has been waiting for someone to help in a case that is the likings of .

Citizen X (CX) is a spy leaker, who has risked life to leak spy files and corruption.   The story begins when CX leaked some very sensitive classified material.  CX leaked it as a lone ranger, on CX’s private blog.  Back in those days there was not the ever so popular Edward Snowden.  In those days, the leakers were blacklisted for life or prosecuted like Manning.

When CX initially began to make leaks there was no fear of the things the bigger spy leakers faced because much of the material leaked was already becoming public knowledge.  As a news source blog, CX was just reporting news.  However what happened was in the likings of what Laura Poitras faced and the Guardian faced when exposing leaks, but worse.

The leaks where about NSA and Citizens privacy, government corruption, political corruption, judicial corruption and privacy news.  The site became very popular in a relatively short period of time.  In fact the site was the second of the types of sites that published these sorts of leaks.

The problem is that for CX there is not much help out there, unless you become a superstar like Edward Snowden and get public attention.   Sites like the Intercept, who refused to comment, says “ is serious about protecting our sources.”

But they are not!  CX contacted them over a period one year, to finally get responses from someone in the office that is not familiar with these kinds of things, or legal help, or safe housing the source or leaker.  They claim they want to help but they don’t. They just want big news.

Wikileaks makes no kind of claim as to this, however it gives much more sensible warnings.  However contacting Wikileaks is  like talking to a brick wall.  All of it’s emails are blocked, and never get through.

Here is the story from CX that may become known as Citizen Five.


It was a very dark, and windy evening when I realized that someone needs to be a voice.  There was nothing out there.  As the wind stronger the curtains began to blow violently, causing one curtain, to knock over a photo frame resting on a near by table.  The photo was of a trip to a foreign country, that someday, unbeknownst  to me at this time, I would re-visit.

I published my first story a few years before my first big spy story.  I published it just to get the story that was already so popular out, because I thought it was important.  Four years later I published my next story, that seemed to many as a conspiracy story, yet what I had obtained was factual statements and truth from real life witnesses. 

It all began a year later when someone, who had seen me on TV contacted me about a spy story.  I knew the TV network I worked for would never publish it. There was very slight chance it might, but I remember when our network published other stories we all found ourselves facing death and bomb threats.  

I was publishing my next big story.  As a new journalist, and working in the media for a media network in the past, I had developed a real passion for writing.  When I first thought about writing stories containing spy or corruption, I thought about the consequences heavily.  That is why I decided to report it like news. I figured there was less danger reporting it this way, then to become a real spy leaker. 

I thought about that too, you know, becoming a spy leaker.  I really did not have much access to that material, but my new source could introduce me to somethings and maybe I would become the next Julian Assange.  I thought about the dangers,  which reminded me the spy movies, where spies risked their lives to report material.  I quickly decided I didn’t want to go down that way, but that some how I wanted to make a difference.  If I were to report this as news it wouldn’t be a big deal, right ? I am reporting this as news, and I am just a little blog that is growing, especially with the hundreds of thousands of visitors on my first article post.

Well I published the spy story and instantaneous my blog became popular.  People took notice and I thought everything was ok.  I just let the story soak in, while I searched for more evidence about the story I leaked.  At the time I had just quit working for another person who was frequently on media, but also had a corrupt lifestyle. The person threatened me when I quit, that I knew too much, that I couldn’t quit.  They were seriously concerned about me leaking their corruption.  I told them I did not have the desire to talk to anyone about what I knew about their life and their family. Besides, I didn’t think it would make much news, and I am not the revengeful kind of person.   Soon after I quit and moved,  I was driving down the street, about ready to get onto the highway when the front end of my vehicle began to shake and make loud noises, the slower I went , the more it calmed down.

The highway was close to my suburb , so I inspected the vehicle, didn’t find anything and drove slowly home. Called my personal mechanic, who advised me to jack the vehicle up and inspect the wheels on the front.  He thought there was some axle or tire problem.  When I jacked it up, my two front wheels nearly fell off.  The lug nuts were unscrewed.   It was really strange to me,  who would of done this ? Some neighbor kids as a prank, or maybe it was my last boss who threatened me when I quit. Maybe it had something to do the spy file, but that didn’t make sense.  It had to be a kid or my previous boss. 

So I called the police, and the police said there was nothing they could do. They didn’t even want to file a police report.  I persisted the file a report, and I said I had recently quit a job where my boss had threatened me.  The officer told me, we cannot put that in the report, we cannot implicate anyone without proof. Proof  I said I could give them proof, he said, a crime would have to be committed first before he could take names.  I said, so I would have to be killed first and put in the news, and then, maybe just maybe you would do something.

Since this happened, I was reluctant to publishing more stories and thought about taking the blog down.  I started noticing this black van, many times when I was in my neighborhood or at work. I swore I saw the same driver.   One time, I quickly switched lanes at a upcoming stop light and forced the van to pull up past me, so I could get a look over to the right at the driver.  Yup, that was the same driver, he quickly turned right and sped off.  Now I was starting to shake, wondering what was going on. Then I stopped seeing the van for several weeks, everything seemed back to normal.

So my next two big stories, were about some major political corruption and I had some good sources and some really nice proof.   Although at the time I knew from history reporting about one of the politicians could be dangerous, but that story proved to be harmless.  Besides, some of my supporting documents include TV news media videos and writings.  After much thought I thought it would be a great story and I concluded it would be ok.

I leaked the story, and since it was a popular politician, my site started getting some nice traffic again and I felt good about reporting on such corruption.  I was feeling like I was doing good again, and hopefully my stories would start waking people up, and help things change.

Wrong!  Things started again, this time  someone tried to poison me.   It happened fast and I nearly died.  It was a normal day for me,  and I was coming home from work.  The weather was so beautiful, it was about 68 degrees, sunshine with a few clouds and I was enjoying my commute home.  I pulled into my driveway, and exited my vehicle.   I reached for my keys, and put other hand on the door handle to the home where I was staying.  The door handle was all slimy and gooey,  it really felt gross.  I was angry now,  who would put some slimy stuff on my door, as a prank.  I quickly, got inside using my other hand, and a leaf I had found on the ground to not get this stuff on my other hand.  I laid my backpack on the kitchen counter.  Then all of a sudden, I felt like I was starting to die,  I started to burn inside, my eyes started to water, my mouth started to foam, I started to sweat and shake and it hit me. That was not slim it was some kind of poison.   

I remember watching movies and actually reading what to do for poisoning. I knew I did have much time and I didn’t think 911 would be here in time to save me. So I started the process, of drinking milk, trying to drown myself with salt water and vomiting.  I must of consumed 6 gallons of salted water and puked it back out.  Within 10 minutes I was good enough to get in my car, and drive down the street to the clinc. 

I was definitely poisoned, the results were some kind of chemicals that can pass through the skin, into your body and central nervous system, shutting you down.  It was like chemical warfare.  I laid shaking.  The clinic wanted to transfer me to the hospital for observation, I wanted to get out of there. I didn’t know what was going on.  I got a receipt and went to the police station.  To my dismay, they did not want to file a report, or come look at my house to gather evidence.  I was so angry, I could not believe it. They were ready to arrest me for creating a disturbance.  Finally the officer said he would had it to my other report I had made a few months ago.  He said as for the house it was probably some prank.  I insisted people had threatened my life, he told me then to move.

That’s exactly what I did.  I moved, that day.  I came home, opened the door with some rags, I had in my car, prop opened the door and began throwing everything in boxes and containers into my car.

I left stuff I didn’t care about and drove, aimlessly in fear wondering what would happen next.  Did these people probably know where I worked.  But nothing was happening at work, but it was a public place.  I went to a friend’s house and asked if I could stay.  He could see I was shaken up and I told him what happened.  He also knew about the first event.  At this point we both knew what was happening, and new my life was in danger. But from what?  He was a big guy, and he said don’t worry they have to deal with me to come to you.

I was afraid the next day to go to work, I started taking routes to work and my friends place, trying to determine if I was being followed.  I wasn’t thinking straight. I wasn’t thinking about the tracking they could do. I didn’t have to be followed. All I needed was a cell phone, credit card, debit card and internet access. They knew where I was at all times.

It wasn’t long later that while we were sleeping too men broke down the front door of the house, and entered.  They didn’t know my friend was up, started screaming for him, and took a broom stick to hit the guys, and when they saw my friend they ran out.  I told my friend I was sorry, I need to go. I didn’t want to endanger his life too.  He didn’t mind, he was more concerned about me and the door which I had fixed.

The next day I started looking for a new place and found a nice quite house, in a nice safe suburb of the city.  I quickly moved while at the same time publishing more stories on my blog. I figured now, what is the point.  I thought about publishing stories about these incidents, but refrained, because I didn’t want to be linked to my identity of the blogger. 

Then the vans started showing up outside my house.  A few weeks later, on my day off, coming back from the big city, a car tried to chase me and run me off the road repeated times.  I sped as fast as my car could go to the next exit where I knew a police station was.  The car kept in pursuit, until I pulled into the station, a police car saw the other speeding car go buy, and I yelled help.  He rushed over, I told him what was happening he told me to come in. After running checks, he told me there was not much they could do.  I didn’t get a chance to see a license plate number just a vehicle and in big city. It would be hard to find.  I said yes you have helicopters, you have resources  but he didn’t want to do anything. 

Then I knew who ever was out to get me, even had the police covered.  I was trying to figure out what I could do.  I wasn’t that skilled in escaping and going on the run.  Then one day I went home and noticed someone in the back of my house who looked familiar.  I thought it couldn’t be ,but it was.  Someone I had met, who’s relative was living in the same house.  This person was the person I needed.

He had special training, and he told me how to make some plans, to leave un-detected. We rehearsed several things and before he left for his country, he told me, be ready to go at a moments notice.

I began throwing things away , at other apartment dumpsters,  I shredded every photo and document I had.  I got down to the minimal things you would need. And I shipped three small boxes of things to him in case I had to go. I would have something there.

The vans continued to follow me and show up outside my house until one day,  I did not see the van when I came home. My garage was at the back of the house, so I pulled into the garage got out and when I walked out the garage door, I was kidnapped. Quickly the masked men put a hood over my head and tied my arms behind my back. 

The men threw me into a van, and sped down the road.  They stopped some where, I don’t know where but it was at least a 30 minute drive. They told me I need to stop publishing stories, I need to take the site down.  They were going to teach me a lesson. I thought they were going to kill me.  Maybe they where.  They banged me up pretty bad, and my arm felt like it was broken. 

Finally they where done and it was silent. I thought I was going to die, or they would leave me for dead.  They threw me back in the van and drove off.  Soon they stopped somewhere and at this point, I had loosened of the rope on my hands. All of my senses where heightened,  I could hear everything, from rocks hitting the underside of the van, to noises on the streets.  When we stopped I could hear outside the van, what sounded like a gas station.  Now it doesn’t make sense that they would stop, there because of security cams. But no one knew who was in the back of the van.  I thought if they are getting gas, then we must be going for a long journey, one I probably won’t return from.  I had to make a plan fast and try to escape.  It had to be now.

They came back to the van and when they got in the van, the other guy waiting in the van told them that I had to go to the restroom and if they didn’t take me, I would crap in my pants in the van so they could smell it.  At first they threatened me if I did, and I told them I couldn’t hold it much longer, and that I was surprised I didn’t shit my drawers when they were trying to kill me.  They finally agreed to let me go and warned me not to try anything, and pulled the van around a corner.  They had pulled to the back of the station where the outside restroom was, and put me in the restroom, removing only the hood over my head.   They had closed the door I suppose to give me some privacy. It was a typical gas station toilet, only this one had a window they didn’t see that was hidden by the stall.  I figured it was safe enough but risky, and I hoped to get out that window and run.  That’s what I did, the window led to a side of the station, it was big enough for me to get through. I ran with all my might, my arm ached and my ribs ached but I was free.

I was still in the city, I knew the area down by the docks so I just kept running.  I have asthma, and I thought I would dye from that.  Somehow I managed, and finally when I  stopped, I was able to catch my breath a little. I figured they were still looking for me, but I didn’t have anything on me they could track me with. 

Nightfall came, and I was still on the streets, worried about being seen. I had cash on me, and I had a backup stash and emergency plan in place.  But I had to get back to my house, I had my computer there and didn’t want them to access it.  It was left in the back of my cars trunk.  I guessed they thought I would not be going back home, but I am sure they had the front staked out.  So before the morning dusk,  I came back to my house but through  a neighborhood alley behind the house.  I carefully crouched and crawled to the garage.  The door was still open, no lights no one was around. I watched for what seemed for a hours. I didn’t want it to start getting lite outside, so I decided to chance it. Got to the car.  Got the emergency key under the car, and opened the trunk.  Grabbed my bag and vanished in the night shadows.

My next stop was a 24 hour coffee shop in the city. I risked being seen there, but I had to get internet. It was something I didn’t think about like a USB internet stick. I had a hotspot that was mobile but it was in my name. I did not want to be tracked.  I put in my tails usb and booted securely to the internet.  I quickly used some emergency accounts I had set up to book a private plane flight out of a city in another state.  I checked a schedule of a transport service that was small, and found they were leaving the next morning at 6:00 am.  I got to my emergency locker, with my overnight bag that was packed and ready to go.  In the bag I had a cell phone I purchased that worked on worldwide networks. 

Within hours, I was transported to another location, and boarded a private plane.  I stayed with a stranger, a friend of the specialist in the big city.  I figured there, even though I was looking behind my back I was safe.  In he airport I was worried about being flagged. Did they know I had a passport, would they scan it?  What about the tickets, I had to use my real name.  I landed for a flight change over in another country and had to wait 5 hours for my next flight.  I was really nervous inside, but I kept to myself. I was also exhausted.  Neither airport scanned my passport.  They just verified my identity. I was good, except for the tickets. The next day I was in another country and boarded a private transport service where I paid cash to get to my friends “safehouse” in his country. After 72 hours I was finally safe.  

Today I sit free, from life threats. But I sit with a big problem, no where to go.  Not being able to travel.  No one to help me concerning the future.  

I don’t know what will happen next.  I am working on plans but it is very difficult when you are in hiding and staying off the grid.

  • The end of a part 1

The First Source wants to help this Citizen.  TFS does not have the resources that Edward Snowden had, or others had.  If you can help us with this source, please contact us securely.  Please check under our help and contacts for more information.






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