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German Ministers promote future Terror and Asylum but say Schengen free movement is in danger

German Ministers promote future Terror and Asylum but say Schengen free movement is in danger

by the First Source News MediaAugust 24, 2015

I think the German Interior and Foreign Ministers are not on the same page.  In one move the is making deals with terrorist countries, like Iran.  Possibly because Iran threatens to cut of oil.

At the same time  the warns about the Schengen free movement is in danger
And at the same time making it difficult for people with Visas, or Tourists to extend their stay, or find employment.
This does not all make sense. 
In reality is trying to help seekers. 
News to :  If you think they will give you a new house, new car, and lots of money, you are dreaming.  
Asylum seekers do get preferential treatment over German citizens, and foreigners trying to find employment or immigration.
They are fed, given 500, euros a month for food and expenses, free monthly travel bus/train passes, their rent is paid, their education is paid for, their healthcare is paid for, their language school is paid for and can be lend money for other living expenses. 
When they find a job, they are given the job opportunity first by the government, over a German citizen or foreigner trying to seek employment.
Not bad if you are coming for a country without much.   One thing these refugees don’t consider is deportation after 1-3 years, because Germany decides it can only keep a small handful. However by trying to help them, they are trying to be humane. 
But also it is not all that safe for migrants in Germany 
and one of the bigger problems is the crime that these refugees are bringing to the country.  
Especially the immigrants from Africa, Georgia, they have their own slick ways of getting over on the Germans.  
They are preying on the young women to make babies, or get married so they can stay. 
They are bringing drugs and other crime to the cities.  
and this is causing problems.
But what some people have not considered is the deals with Iran,  what does this do for Germany? 
Will it bring jobs or take away jobs. Will it decrease security and safety ?
These are serious questions that must be asked. We hope by writing this it will allow you to start asking questions and doing something to protect your country and your well being.

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