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Donald Trump runs for President in blunt but honest speech, as the other candidates run for cover

Donald Trump runs for President in blunt but honest speech, as the other candidates run for cover

In a blunt but honest speech announces his bid for Presidency.   Already the media is mis-quoting him so we wanted to publish the full speech here.

Notice that he blames the problems on stupid decisions from people , lobbyists, etc.

It will be interesting how this story plays out but here is my take.  I actually think out of all the candidates this many is the best choice. You may disagree because he makes investments all over the world.  We need someone that knows how to make investments, good ones.

Here are some things to consider

1) Obama made more national debt than all the presidents combined in history.  He took bonds , and housing deeds and sold them to the Chinese, Japanese and Iranians.   If you are paying on a house, chances are you probably don’t own it, and never will get the deed back.  Trump makes a good point we keep adding to our debt there’s no coming back.  We must make investments and get our debt down.  A smart financial person will help us get the job done.

2) Bring jobs back to the USA. It’s must be done, Apple  about 1 year ago had over 2.8 billion excess in cash (not stocks or other things). What did they do with it ? Instead of bring any jobs home, they gave it to the execs and investors.  This must stop!  Sure a bonus or two won’t hurt they could of used 5 million in bonuses and 2.3 billion in jobs for the US.

3) Real Estate over 25% or more of our real estate is now owned by other countries, China, Japan, Iran. Obama allowed and encouraged this to help our market. They are taking over our homes, buildings, hotels, gas stations.   There is no regulation for this.  They own most of some cities in real estate.  We have to get our land and property back.

4) Middle East and our Troops and Vets . Trump makes good points.  Sure Bush shouldn’t of done what he did in Iraq, but Obama should of never pulled out until it was stabilized.  It’s true these foreign military are abandoning US tanks, and equipment for the enemy.  This must stop.  We must have a better defence. While Russia and China continues to mass great defense in missles, tanks, we are far behind, 30 years behind.

5) People standing up for their rights. Things are so bad no one wants to stand up anymore, they are lethargic.  They are fed up and frustrated but won’t do much about it.  If this continues we will lose our country and freedoms. (more of it and more of them).

6) The and great america has fallen. We need a leader to help bring it back. A motivator.  Someone with success.  So we can put the capital “A” back into america.

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