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shocking comments from Apple Execs and Leaders

shocking comments from Apple Execs and Leaders

by the First Source News MediaJanuary 2, 2015

Here is the official shocking comments from Apple Execs and Leaders

In regards to the lawsuit of shrinking storage space on 16GB:
Comments: Their poor ass should of purchased the 128GB model, cheapskates, we don’t hear the rich people complaining, bunch of niggers complaining

In regards to cheaper Windows Laptops/Computers:
Comments: Our products are superior, if they get a job and get off welfare then they would be able to afford one of our macbooks, just a bunch of low class people (rich people wanna be’s) complaining

In regards to labor violations, and inhuman labor:

Comments: These people want to work for Apple, it’s their own fault, if they can’t step up to the standards, then quit!, in foriegn countries it is perfectly fine for children to work, we are not the only company doing this, haters!, the children committing suicide

  they shouldn’t of asked for a job in the first place if they can’t handle it

In regards to 33.5 billion excess cash reserve, given to execs and investors, insteading creating jobs in the US:
Comments: It’s our money, we deserve it for our hard work, these lazy ass / greedy Americans don’t want to work for minimum wage for us, we find better work overseas, It’s better to give it to people that will inspire Apple to continue to invent new products, if we started a plant here, we would lose our billions of excess profits, this does not make sense

Clearly all Apple is concerned about is not humans, not US economy or employment, just greed and money! 

source: insidersecrets

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