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Why Putin will go down as Russia’s Worse Leader, his MO is to seize cities of importance by force.

Why Putin will go down as Russia’s Worse Leader, his MO is to seize cities of importance by force.

by the First Source News MediaDecember 25, 2014

When all the dust settles and Putin is not in office anymore, many will point the blame at western countries, the EU and United States for imposing sanctions. But let us never forget the war crimes, the children Putin had murdered all for his political power moves.

mo·dus op·e·ran·di  (m.o.)
ˌmōdəs ˌäpəˈrandē/
  1. a particular way or method of doing something, especially one that is characteristic or well-established.

Putin’s m.o. has always been invade countries for power, oil, or other reasons, and some people think this is okay.  A little history lesson is first at hand. 1991 a coup is started but by who? Historians say the order came from Moscow but who? Organized by hardliner opponents, we find it was Vladimir Putin that actually gave the direct order to inside the government to overthrow Mikhail Gorbachev.  Boris Yeltsin became the next power but many people do not know that during the coup, Putin had sold statues of a former Russian leader. Who was this leader ?

Russian power has always been a war within itself for a leader to emerge. Joseph Stalin was the man in the statue, that was sold during the coup.
You are probably asking yourself the same question. Well if you had purchased one of these statues during the coup.  Then take it apart, underneath was Gorbachev. Under Gorbachev was Yeltsin and under Yeltsin was Putin.  You would of purchased a time peace of history (which many of these are still around), if in fact Putin would come into power. 
Now that you know Putin’s modus apparatus  then we can clearly see how the Ukraine fits into the picture, but how does the United States, especially Hillary Clinton and Obama.
Photo of Hillary during the Ukraine crisis
Yes Putin plays his power, now he does it openly and in public because what was happening during Gorvachev’s power was 15 states wanted to separate from Russia. 

Putin always has enlisted his (mo) to take over countries.  

Ukraine and 

Putin seems to be winning except for his own country and his countries, economy and businesses.
And this, is why he will go down and not succeed in the next presidential election.  You see it is all of his fault for exercising his forceful power in taking over countries and starting new cold wars. 
It is a well know fact that Putin planned this invasion since 2003 into the Ukraine
Now Poland is preparing for an invasion.   Just recently Putin says it could end in an all out war
He even goes as far to claim he wants to invade more than just these two countries as reported by German press.

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