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Why doesn’t the European Commission focus on it’s own internal problems instead of paid extortion

Why doesn’t the European Commission focus on it’s own internal problems instead of paid extortion

by the First Source News MediaNovember 25, 2014

Instead of going after an American company you might want to look at companies in your own nations of the EU.  Like GEMA.

Lately the news if flooded with articles of about the European Union lawmakers seeking to combat what they consider anti-competitive behavior by Google Inc. (GOOG) are weighing a call to split up companies that focus on Web search, according to a document prepared by members of the European Parliament. source:  That are notably paid off in bribes by big competitive corporations like Microsoft/Apple against Google,

Amidst this crisis,  the EU has a new scandel Jean-Claude Juncker, the new president of the European Commission, the honeymoon is over and some in Europe already want a divorce.

According to this report, it came after a group of investigative journalists issued a report detailing secret deals struck by major corporations with Luxembourg that allegedly allowed them to shave billions of dollars off their global tax bills.

Yet Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte ( GEMA ) extorts people and sniffles innovation every day at the cost of billions of dollars of revenue that would help improve one big part of the EU economy.

How, you may ask?  If I were a musician, or a composer,  like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frideric Handel, Franz Liszt… in today’s technology under the communist rule of GEMA, I would not be known, except for my family, or neighbors for making nice music.

GEMA has such a strangle on artists, they can’t publish works on the internet legally according to GEMA without paying thousands of euros to be known.   The proof is fairly easy to tell, in America the focus of such EU attacks, new artists, and music is found and promoted everywhere because in America it is free to speak, and innovate.  In the USA there are three regulatory companies that control the  royalties due to an artist, but they don’t extort businesses, or artists as GEMA does.

In Europe you don’t see any rising new stars in Music or in musical performing and mechanical reproduction artists/companies.  In 1902 GEMA came into existence merely to enforce copyrights. Then in 1933 the Nazi’s realized the profit and took over with State-Approved Society for the Exploitation of Musical Performing Rights STAGMA  which exists still today after post Nazi.

Did I just say Nazi,  yes  GEMA is Nazi and allowed to continue in Germany with the EU doing nothing to regulate it.

Today if I start a business, a restaurant, or anything that want to play or broadcast music, or film, I must pay GEMA thousands of Euros each month, and as a small business, I can not afford this, so the competition that can afford this stays in business, while new innovative companies go quickly out of business.

In addition, to broadcast I must have SKY Tv or patrons will not frequent my place because they want to watch the games on TV, but the monopoly SKY also has extortion fees they charge businesses. Now as a new small business, I must pay SKY thousands of euros a month and GEMA thousands, and my profit is not even at one thousand euros a month yet.  So the competition that has been in business for years steals new business startups customers.

Yet, the EU looks the other way in situations like this.  GEMA and SKY focus primarily on extorting Germans , and this is one Big but small chunk of the EU regulatory commission and legislator that  should be doing more instead of breaking up Google. However, some greedy pockets were paid and bribed.

There is no real need to break up Google, if someone techy or with IT experience, they can market a business in Google searches very well , small or large it happens every day.   If the EU is allowed to breakup Google what will this mean for other search companies, or new innovators? It spells big problems. For any Government to regulate how a search engine or IT provider creates or displays it business should be illegal and against human rights!

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